Why I Love My Plant-Based Diet

Recently I published this list on Elephant Journal as part of an article on going plant-based. Years ago I started a list of reasons I decided to go plant-based, and the list has grown and grown as the years have passed. See the list below, and CLICK HERE to read the full article on Elephant Journal.

1. Plant-based eating is healthy and delicious. I love the food I eat and knowing I am fueling my body the healthiest way possible.

2. On a plant-based diet, there is no guilt associated with food or eating. I don’t worry about what is good or bad for me because it’s all good. I don’t worry about counting calories, grams, macros, or points.

3. I’m reducing the number of animals sent to slaughter, baby animals taken from their lactating mothers, and animals forced to live in harmful and traumatic conditions.

4. I’m doing my part to help save the planet. Eating less meat is the single best and easiest thing we can do to reduce greenhouse gases, increase water supplies, and reduce the loss of soil and the destruction of the ocean floor.

5. I don’t get sick. Aside from a little seasonal hay fever, I haven’t been ill since I adopted this WOE.

6. I meet a lot of wonderful, like-minded people who share my nutrition philosophy along with recipes and restaurant recommendations.

7. I no longer ruin my clothes with grease splatters. Since oil is a processed food (and 100 percent calorie-dense fat), I don’t use it in my cooking, and therefore don’t waste time scrubbing oil stains out of my clothes.

8. It’s fun and exciting to learn to cook new foods, explore food cultures, and experiment with flavors and textures. I used to use four standard spices. Now I have a spice cabinet—make that “medicine” cabinet—full of amazing and healthy spices.

9. I don’t waste food. I rarely have to throw away wilted greens or moldy strawberries. It’s easy to throw together a smoothie, soup, or sauce with whatever I have on hand or freeze it for later.

10. I save money. I buy locally grown, organically grown produce, which can be expensive, but plant foods are generally less expensive than meat products, fast food, and processed foods. Also, since I rarely get sick, so I save on health care, medicines, and supplements.

11. I am part of a movement! We are changing the world one meal at a time, and I love sharing my WOE with others. It’s a great time to be plant-based.

12. My morning bathroom routine goes really smoothly…always.

13. I feel great all the time. I have boundless energy and sleep like a baby. I never get that energy slump that used to hit me every afternoon.

14. I use all my fancy kitchen appliances that used to sit untouched in a cabinet. My food processor, mixer, and blender are put to regular use, making delicious sauces, plant-based cheeses, and baked goods. Home cooking is self-love!

15. I toot a lot—okay, that’s not a pro, but at least I have a respectable reason to own it. My high fiber diet keeps my gut healthy.

16. I am setting a great example for my family, friends, and future generations.

17. I compost food scraps to support community gardens. I love turning waste into nutrient-rich earth and reducing the amount of waste I send to the landfill.

18. I enjoy getting to know the chefs at my favorite restaurants. I’m not shy about making special requests and find that most of the time they are happy to accommodate my requests.

19. I have no cross-contamination worries in the kitchen, and I can always lick the bowl or eat the raw cookie dough.

20. I’ve learned a lot about how food is sourced, processed, delivered, and marketed. I know how to read nutrition labels and how not to fall for food industry marketing ploys. Overall, I am a smarter consumer.

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