In Japanese, ki is the non-physical energy that exists in all things. Rei means universal or omnipresent. Reiki, therefore, is the universal energy that exists everywhere.

Everything is made of energy. The chair you sit in, the screen you are reading this on, and your body are made of matter, which we were taught in school to mean anything that has mass and volume and takes up space. Mass is simply stored energy.

Science tells us that there is a finite amount of universal energy, so we are all connected to the same energy source. Energy healing modalities, including Reiki, acupuncture, chakra healing, qi gong, and caring touch are based on the premise that we can share energy between each other and with the universe to promote healing and peace.

In Reiki therapy, practitioners use their hands to transmit healing energy to the recipient. In a Reiki session, you would lie down on a massage table, couch, or yoga mat, and relax in a meditative state. You are fully clothed and don’t have to do anything but be open to receiving the energetic healing. I begin with a brief meditation, asking the universe, God, to use them as a conductor of healing energy.

I then would then place my hands just above your body, starting at your head, and moving to different areas that are associated with major organs, systems, and the chakras, or energy centers, that exist throughout your body, allowing energy to flow to that area. Think of me as an extension cord, with one end plugged into the universal energy, and the other end plugged into your energy field.

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meditation and breathing

Developing a regular practice of meditation and breathing exercises can be life-changing. It is well documented that meditation and breathing techniques can reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone,) blood pressure, and pain. Managing anxiety, increasing focus and awareness, promoting joy and self-esteem, helping to break free of addictive behaviors, and improving memory and delaying age-related memory loss are all benefits of meditation and breathing practice.

In my sessions, I teach you basic breathing techniques you can continue on your own, and I guide you through meditation geared towards your intention or goals. Sessions can last between 15 minutes to an hour and can be combined with Reiki healing.

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"Debbie has a very calming presence that makes it easy to relax and let go in meditation. Her guided meditations and breathing exercises help me clear my mind and reduce stress."
Nursing Supervisor