After decades of working with people on nutrition and fitness, one thing became very evident to me: taking care of our spiritual selves is every bit as important – or more – as taking care of the physical being. Habits, beliefs, and emotions can have deep roots that influence our motivation and ability to develop and adhere to healthy habits.

Hypnotherapy is useful with a wide variety of issues including weight management, sleep issues, stress and anxiety, addiction issues, relationships, and procrastination or time management. In hypnotherapy sessions, I help clients go into a deep and relaxing meditation that allows them to discover and address issues from their past that may be blocking their progress in meeting goals. It’s important to note that hypnotherapy is not at all like you might have seen on a stage. You are not asleep. You will remember everything and are always in control of your body and mind.

My hypnotherapy sessions range from one to two hours, depending upon what we are working on accomplishing. Sometimes one session can be enough to meet your goals, and other times we may need to complete a series of sessions. Sessions can be conducted in person or via Zoom. Zoom sessions are every bit as effective as in person. Sometimes more so because you can control the comfort of your environment.

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"Working with Debbie has been a pleasure. She's compassionate, caring and a good listener, and her approach aims to empower her clients. She's also a gifted hypnotherapy script writer and practitioner, in addition to being a nutrition coach."